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He said what started out as a few co-workers poking fun at him at work escalated into death threats and harassment from management. “My jacket or bag would be knocked off the coat hooks and I would find them on the floor at the end of the day,” Scott said. “Another co-worker baited me to fight, and then mocked me when I wouldn’t. My other co-workers threatened to run me down with their vehicles.” Christine Berry, a registered psychologist and director of the Family Violence Prevention Initiatives Program at the Calgary Counselling Centre, said she sees a lot of clients come in who work in a psychologically, and sometimes even physically unsafe environment. “It’s happening to adults, and its mostly adult-to-adult,” Berry explained. “People use their mouth, money or their might to intimidate and control others, and it causes harm.” Berry said another problem with workplace harassment is it’s underreported. She said employees may be in denial or are simply scared to speak out for fear of losing their job. “It’s likely underreported because there are consequences,” Berry said. “What if your boss is the one being the bully?

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The Minister may designate one of the members of the Council as At A.q1 q M! K! >PDP? After considering the matter, the Council maybe order                                (a)    dismiss the request for a review, or                               (b)    require one or more of the following:                                         (i)    reinstatement of the worker to the worker’s former employment under the same terms and conditions under which the worker was formerly employed;                                       The legislation establishes minimum standards for &1{3 pZPH t\ QC F; fq: og $ u 8 r ! >m v committee by reason of that member performing duties and functions as a member of that committee. : 0ON Ca? > m initiative in partnership with Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health and Wellness and WCB-Alberta. B WF8d1P Dr ? The webinars are available whenever you are and cover a broad range of topics, including:

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