Questions For Consideration With Simple Tdg Systems

Not only does thisrequire employers to be more diligent, it also increases thelikelihood of diminished productivity since workers will have amuch longer "heads up" that their employment will beterminated. Temporary layoffs that exceed 60 days (in total) within a120-day period will amount to termination of employment, unlessotherwise agreed to between the employer and the worker (i.e., theemployee has agreed to the payment of wages and/or benefits duringthe temporary layoff period). Aside from clarifying how holiday pay is to be calculated, Bill17 also grants eligibility for statutory holiday pay to allemployees (i.e., workers no longer need to be employed for 30 daysin order to be eligible for statutory holidays). A number of changes are also being considered with respect toyouth employment, including elevating the minimum working age from12 to 13. The government also intends to create a list of allowable"light work" that youth under 16 can do (i.e.,accommodation and food services). Employing youth in a job not onthe list will require a permit. The government is alsocontemplating the establishment of a list of "hazardouswork" and prohibiting youth under 16 from working in jobs onthat list (16 and 17-year-olds can only do hazardous work with apermit). Bill 17 would also create a new administrative penalty system tofine employers who contravene Employment Standards. In addition, itwould extend the period in which the government could bring aprosecution against an employer from one to two years. Appeals will no longer by heard by umpires (provincial courtjudges) but instead by members of the Labour Relations Board(Board).

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